argentina / november 2004



our itinerary -- a drive from the atlantic coast to the andes, across the dry, windy and dusty "steppe" of central patagonia:


puerto deseado

(click on each image to see a larger version)

gulls on the ra deseado

nesting penguin with egg on isla de los p�jaros

penguin stroll

penguin mom with her hours-old baby (and second unhatched egg)

nesting pair of cormorants

young sea lion

male sea lion overseeing young sea lions

shoreline just south of town

fish shaped rock on puerto deseado shoreline


petrified forest national park and monte len national park

petrified log: some trunks are 35 meters long and 1.5 meters wide

"lunar" landscape surrounding petrified forest national park

end view of petrified log

tame and hungry fox

main house at monte leon, with innkeepers (from original family)

outbuilding at nearby estancia doraike

window at estancia doraike

letters for marking wool bales

barbara overlooking the beach at monte le�n

ocean arch

monte le�n beach

sea lion point

picnic lunch at monte le�n

barbara in new hat

vino comn - malbec


el chaltn and el calafate (and the drive across santa cruz)

(gravel) road from the atlantic to the andes

on the lookout for guanacos

pedro changes a flat tire (he averages one per trip).

guanaco in road

the mountains get bigger as we get closer...

bridge next to foothills

top of cerro torre

top of mount fitzroy

marcy and robert with cerro torre and mount fitzroy

barbara and guide on day 2 hike to laguna torre

marcy on the trail

the two hour side trip along the moraine...

and the reward... glacier flowing into laguna torre at end of hike

tired after 18 hours of hiking in two days

robert and clark on the glacier boat


all images copyright 2004 marcy garriott