photographs by john fu

john is a photography enthusiast who enjoys good pictures, and tries to take good pictures whenever he can.  for these photographs, he used an olympus c-700 digital camera.

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bund at dawn

the view from the top floor of the peace hotel (shanghai)

carnival in china

an opera in an open air festival (tongli)

dancing around bonfire

exuberant chinese youth dancing around the bonfire after the evening performance on the li river (yangshuo folk song festival)

field trip to museum

pupils led by their teacher in a field trip to the shanghai city planning museum

grandpa's birthday party

the family having a birthday party in the same room with us (xi'an)

history in bronze

bronze statues of a scene reminiscent of the early 1900s in beijing (beijing wongfujing street)

lama at prayer wheel

a tibetan lama turning a prayer wheel (yong he gong lama temple in beijing)

li river in the morning

a scene similar to that on the chinese 20 rmb bill (yangshuo)

lion king in the forbidden city


lonely narrow street

one of the many narrow alleys in the old city (tongli)

"lookie, lookie, one dollar"

peddlers outside the first emperor's tomb (xi'an)

mother china

an old lady in a farmhouse making her threads (yangshuo countryside)

oyster fisherman's home


people mountain people sea

a chinese expression describing the crowded condition (tongli)

prayers rise up to heaven

free religious expression in china (yong he gong lama temple in beijing)

queng singer

the singer of suzhou's local folk song, called queng song (suzhou)

shauh player

the player of a chinese woodwind musical instrument (suzhou)

tong orchestra

reproduced tong orchestra of 1600 years ago (xi'an)

walking around triple bridge

a good luck tradition for newlyweds in tongli

yangshuo's beauty over guilin's

a well-known historical poem proclaiming yangshuo's beauty (yangshuo)

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all images copyright 2004 john fu

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