TYPCX series of ultra-efficient three-phase inverter permanent magnet synchronous motor (center height 132-355)


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TYPCX.IE4 Series Variable Frequency Adjustable Speed Three-phase PMSM (380/660V, H132-355)

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TYPCX.IE4 Series Variable Frequency Adjustable Speed Three-phase PMSM (380/660V, H132-355)
  • Overview
  • Parameters
  • Installation Size
  • Qualifications

  The series motors comply with the applicable IEC or European standards. The motors also comply with various national standards.
  The motors are totally enclosed, separate-fan cooled, IP55 degree of protection, temperature class F, IMB3 mounting arrangement (others available).
  The motors are inverter-fed. Constant torque frequency range is 5 to 50 Hz. When frequency above 50 Hz is required, please be stated.
  The motors have rated efficiency above IE4. The motors, at different load, still have much more high efficiency than three-phase induction motor.  The motors also have high power factor, small current and low heat.
  The motors are widely used at air blower, water pump, belt machine, machine tool etc. in the petrochemical industry, power industry, transportation industry, textile industry, mining industry etc.





The products are widely used in petrochemical, power, transportation, textile, industrial and mining enterprises fans, pumps, belt conveyor, machine tools and other mechanical transmission start condition.


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