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the great china photo expedition of 2004

start with a renowned photographer/publisher with roots in two worlds, dazhen wu.  mix in interesting and accomplished people committed to photography, some professionally.  add an extraordinary itinerary, including photographic opportunities available only to those with close ties to the mother land.  spice things up with delightful food, some theatre and a little shopping.  you then have the hlf�s great photo expedition of 2004.

we had hoped for, first, good photography, and, second, good food.  we found outstanding photography, superb food, and remarkable friendships.

this website provides a sampling of what we experienced in our time in china.  click on the name of the photographer below to see his or her photographs from the trip.

by photographer*
bill whiston
wayne collins
david dodd
jim martin
setsuko martin
marcy garriott
leslie collins
john fu
betty dodd
henry wu 
jenny guo

*other photographers who participated in the trip include: dazhen wu, c.c. and grace chung, sherry wu, fred and dafran provada, and paul and laura provada.


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